Home Heartbeat

Communication gateway with smart wireless sensors that monitors water flow and electricity in the home in a non intrusive way.
Predictive analysis detects if unusual activity or no activity happens an notifies relative, friends or caretakers.

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Home Heartbeat
for people living alone

The solution gives the user a feeling of safety while providing relatives and caretakers with a peace of mind.

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Home Heartbeat
for care homes and institutions

The software makes it easy to monitor multiple sites and plan visits to residents that are most likely in need of attendance. Communicating with relatives is simple and the calendar keeps everyone in the loop.

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Remote help

For people on the move the help button makes calling for help simple inside or outside. With GPS tracking.

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Proven technology
and predictive analysis in one smart system


Monitors water and electricity usage

Smart wireless sensors monitor power and water flow. Predictive analysis is used to determine if unusual pattern is detected.

Notifies caretaker

Unusual patterns will trigger a message that will contact a caretaker and write a log for other professionals and relatives.


Privacy and data access

All messages are encrypted and great care is put into access control.

Simple user interface

The Alvican software is simple to use. Easy config and parameter settings make it possible to fine tune the system for each user and family. Messages are prioritized according to rules set in the software.

Alvican home solution

The system is designed for independent individuals.



The system is designed for persons that are beginning to feel a bit insecure and want to increase quality of life.

HomeHeartbeat is for families and caretakers.

The monitoring is un-intrusive and promotes co working of relatives and caretakers.

It is simple to add other features to the solution like calendar and visiting schedule.

The system is very efficient for larger buildings and complexes. Making the staff and relatives more informed.


HomeHeartbeat for the family

The system is designed to increase quality of life, and improve the efficiency of caretakers and inform relatives in a simple way that all is well.






Simple Installation

Placing the sensors

Snap on sensors are easy to install.

Setting up Gateway

Gateway has 4G network built in as well as WiFi for configuration and access to customers Internet if available.

Start learning

As soon as the equipment is in place the system starts learning and reports to the secure cloud server.

Home Heartbeat for municipalities and institutions

The monitoring gateway measures several signals from the apartment, such as water flow and electricity in a non intrusive way.
The system uses predictive analysis to detect if irregularities are detected and notifies caretakers.


The solution is cloud based

We use private cloud, where cloud computing services are made available only to those businesses to which they apply. Here, the environment(s) that the cloud services are delivered from will typically be dedicated to the individual customer or a defined group of customers.

User interface is with master control web-page and client app on smart phones gives relatives and caretakers a fast and clean view of the situation.




Our story


The start

Alvican was established after a successful participation in the NORDIC INDEPENDENT LIVING CHALLENGE held by the Nordic capital city’s and Nordic Innovation.

The company was named E21 that has now been changed to Alvican.



In this competition we joined forces with Falk A/S of Denmark and Phillips A/S, and after almost 2 years of work the project reached the semi-finalist position.

See the old E21 website for more details on the competition.


Company focus

The company is dedicated to develop solutions for E-health with focus on elderly and disabled. Solutions for the rapidly increasing number of elders in the Nordics is our main tasks.



Alvican works closely with health professionals, municipalities and welfare centers. We are adjusting our data gateway to solve practical issues for older people wanting to stay longer in their own homes.

The Team


Arnar Ægisson


Halldór Axelsson

Founder CTO

Axel Halldórsson


Brandur Karlsson

Service Design

Þórir Jónsson


Sponsors and Partners


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